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Rural (non-food) economy 2.0 in a sovereign country

In 2016 I wrote about a way to better manage the agriculture in Russia.

Lately I read a dissertation about resistance economics which various countries which suffered embargos and sanctions. All these countries tried to make the most from their local agricultural context.

Usually agricultural harvests are shipped of either to Supermarkets or for further processing.

In a potential Rural Economy 2.0, much more importance is given to non-food processing.

Plants can give much more than just food:

-pharmaceutical extracts,
-cosmetics extracts
-food additives and supplements,
-essential oils,
-aroma components,
-polymer building blocks,
-textil fibers,
-skins(leather) and furs(wool)

The above products of non-food agriculture should give rise to industries with high-innovation levels in rural or semi rural settings. and provide additional income and jobs to the local community.
Governments should have policies in place to keep these industries near the place of production.