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Rural (non-food) economy 2.0 in a sovereign country

In 2016 I wrote about a way to better manage the agriculture in Russia.

Lately I read a dissertation about resistance economics which various countries which suffered embargos and sanctions. All these countries tried to make the most from their local agricultural context.

Usually agricultural harvests are shipped of either to Supermarkets or for further processing.

In a potential Rural Economy 2.0, much more importance is given to non-food processing.

Plants can give much more than just food:

-pharmaceutical extracts,
-cosmetics extracts
-food additives and supplements,
-essential oils,
-aroma components,
-polymer building blocks,
-textil fibers,
-skins(leather) and furs(wool)

The above products of non-food agriculture should give rise to industries with high-innovation levels in rural or semi rural settings. and provide additional income and jobs to the local community.
Governments should have policies in place to keep these industries near the place of production.

Diversification in agriculture and investment opportunities

One of the areas where diversification is most needed is agriculture.

There are many thousands of plants, some say 10.000, which gives edible and non-edible material to humankind.
And there are also many animals as part of the food chain and which provide by-products.

Examples of non-edible can be cotton, tobacco, wood and roots/bark, animal skins, furs and bones, plant extracts.

And there are many with high selling price: porcini mushrooms, truffles, Siberian kiwi, acerola and kakadu plum (extremely high vitamin C contents), pine nuts, waygu meat, wools(cashmere, alpaca), some flowers, spices (saffron), essential oils and plant extracts(e.g. bergamot), seafood

There are also many very niche products: donkey milk (used in hospitals for new-borns with milk allergies/rejection), ostrich eggs and meat, buffalo milk used for mozzarella, trumpet zucchini which vine vertically and giant onions up to 2 kg which grow on horizontal nets above ground, essential oils of many plants

Each of the thousands niche products of agricultural goods and derived products can be worth millions and provide excellent profitability and jobs for farmers, while staying away from commoditised mainstream products where competition is very high and selling prices low.

Obviously agriculture should provide food security inprimis, both as cheap and easy access to nourishments and as a state security itself.

But there are many opportunities for enterprising people to carve out a niche to thrive. I believe that we are in an era, where often investments are made for "innovative start-ups selling Chihuahua pet food", but too little money flows into agriculture, where there are still many opportunities to be found.

Sovereign Agriculture, Sustainability and Agricultural model

Very interesting article about special hubs as agricultural aggregators.

It recalls my old article about the Super Kholkoz and the  model for agricultural organization and optimization.

The concept called for special regional hubs/aggregators - I called it Super Kholkoz as the article was related to Russia – to be created which provide farmers for storage, processing, logistics, marketing and many other services to add value to agricultural production from farmers. This helps farmers concentrate on the core business activity of growing crops and raising cattle in which they excel.

For agriculture this should be the preferred business architecture, with local aggregators producing value from raw agricultural output and distributing profits to members of the hub depending on input. I personally know of many such successful ventures, and prefer it to a system where small farmers become raw resources suppliers to large agro industry players.