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Export Organization and Sovereign E-Commerce

I recently researched the organization of export of countries.

I must say I found most countries quite disappointing.
Most developed countries have a static structure: Chamber of Commerce, Export banks, Export insurance, support for large organizations, usual trade shows. Some are doing deals via respective ministries for items like arms, agriculture.

Meanwhile China uses advanced e-commerce like Alibaba/Aliexpress to sell directly to consumers of US and Europe.They have advanced logistics, agreements with organizations like US Post Office for international deliveries. They have a lot of trade links, any continent, any country. And they supply anything to anybody, anytime, any currency.

India is quite peculiar. They are very strong in IT services, Pharma and other services. India does not have very strong trade structures, but Indian companies are carpet bombing people by offering services via social sites like Linkedin.

I would like to see a better type of export organization. In this age e-commerce and the related logistics component are the most effective tools to put the good in the "shop window" and target the consumer directly. I blogged recently about the fact that e-commerce is de-facto a business infracture
And export is another reason to consider it.

Sovereign E-Commerce as a strategic sovereign business infrastructure

A while ago I posted my thoughts about sovereign e-commerce.Суверенная-интернет-коммерция-и-универсальная-платформа-электроннои-коммерции (in Russian).

A sovereign state should have its own e-commerce platform, to allow all businesses, especially small ones to step on-board and sell their goods to the consumers. I
would classify e-commerce, both the site and especially the underlying delivery service as a "strategic business infrastructure" just as the stock market. Therefore a sovereign nation should make sure to invest and foster such a innovative platform.

I don't see many countries taking control of e-commerce, but rather just let thing happen passively. There is Amazon and many regional/national/specialist/corporate e-commerce sites, but not 1 single e-commerce system especially tailor-made to a single country business environment. This problem is particularly acute in Europe, which is supposed to build common/unified systems. And yet, Europe didn't even think about it. Also Amazon is very bad in this regards in Europe, In a store of one country you can find things, which are not available or only deliverable with huge delivery fees. Therefore even Amazon in Europe is not a unified system, just of many single country stores.

It would make sense to either have a unified European online store or each country should have an own e-commerce platform where the local products are sold both within the country or beyond. It would be nice for a consumer to be able to buy typical goods from other countries. Also for local producers to sell their goods internationally without too much hassle, especially countries with many small businesses would benefit from the exporting.

Therefore I advocate more thoughts and investments in such e-commerce platforms, as they definitely are a strategic business platform.