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Public infrastructure investment for a sovereign economy

Investment into infrastructure has many benefits:

- infrastructure enables trade
- lowers costs of business
- powers businesses
- connects workers to their jobs
- creates opportunities for struggling communities
- provides millions of jobs each year in building and maintenance
- uses natural resources and construction machines
- reliable infrastructure connects supply chains and efficiently move goods and services
- connects households to higher quality opportunities for employment, healthcare and education
- public transit can reduce pollution and greenhouse gases
- ports enable business and cargo trade
- grids/networks provide reliable telecoms and utilities
- sewage, (drinkable) water systems, parks and hospitals elevate the quality of life
- airports stimulate tourism and business
- educational facilities lift science and technology education and business
- museums, theatres, libraries bring culture to the populations

Many people argue that spending on infrastructure is not efficient. But without a strong infrastructure cost will rise for citizens and business, and quality of life will degrade.
Infrastructure is a catalyst to both business and citizens and reduces cost of living and business.