Survey: Good vs Bad Business?

Survey: Good vs Bad Business?

Recently I am noticing more and more two types of doing business, which I defined as Company A and Company B. The first one is vastly preferred in developing countries, while the second is more and more common in the First World.

Company A

Company B

Provides good local direct and indirect employment with decent wages Outsources labour to cheap third party country or has low-wage local employment
Pays incomes taxes locally Pays low or no income taxes (foreign tax residency or creatively uses tax credits)
Sustainable Relies on state welfare, bailouts
Provides customers with good price/quality value Sells overhyped/overpriced goods or services
Competitive Uncompetitive, operates in monopoly or cartel mode
Average profits and shareholder payouts High profits and shareholders payouts
Develops organically with R&D and improves goods/services Uses R&D money for share buy-backs or other financial schemes

Which type of company do you think is right in your context : 1)as a person and 2) for your country ?

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