Export Organization and Sovereign E-Commerce

Export Organization and Sovereign E-Commerce

I recently researched the organization of export of countries.

I must say I found most countries quite disappointing.
Most developed countries have a static structure: Chamber of Commerce, Export banks, Export insurance, support for large organizations, usual trade shows. Some are doing deals via respective ministries for items like arms, agriculture.

Meanwhile China uses advanced e-commerce like Alibaba/Aliexpress to sell directly to consumers of US and Europe.They have advanced logistics, agreements with organizations like US Post Office for international deliveries. They have a lot of trade links, any continent, any country. And they supply anything to anybody, anytime, any currency.

India is quite peculiar. They are very strong in IT services, Pharma and other services. India does not have very strong trade structures, but Indian companies are carpet bombing people by offering services via social sites like Linkedin.

I would like to see a better type of export organization. In this age e-commerce and the related logistics component are the most effective tools to put the good in the "shop window" and target the consumer directly. I blogged recently about the fact that e-commerce is de-facto a business infracture http://www.sovecomo.ru/post/2021/02/19/Sovereign-E-Commerce-as-a-strategic-sovereign-business-infrastructure.
And export is another reason to consider it.

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