State capitalism and State monopolies

State capitalism and State monopolies

One of the topics of the Sovereign Economic Model where I consistently get comments and sometimes pushback, is State Capitalism.

State capitalism in form of monopoly is a very common in many countries.
Some Examples are:

There are some others too where goods are pre-taxed(duty stamps) and resellers are "licensed":

The Sovereign Economic Model advocates strong state capitalism in core and strategic sectors. But state capitalism could also be extended to Telco with a state ownership of the network and other businesses which do have a low level of innovation and purely resell third party products like E-commerce platforms or supermarkets.
State capitalism does not mean absolute 100% shares and running operations, but a controlling stake or at least a veto share ownership. In fact, having outsider minority shareholders and management helps a state owned company with governance, I.e. avoid political influence and corruption.

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