Financing the sovereign economy with sovereign government bonds

Financing the sovereign economy with sovereign government bonds

I believe that one the best instruments for financing a sovereign economy are sovereign government bonds. They could help provide additional funding for infrastructure or some sectors of the sovereign economy.

Special buckets could be created for agriculture, e.g. storage, processing, seeds production, veterinary medicine and logistics
Or electronics, perhaps even for my proposed MCST Elbrus cloud system
Or Pharma to create additional factories and research centres

They should be of different time to maturity:

3,6,12 months for short-term bonds
This would be very good for people who have saved up a little money, for example, to buy a new car, a home, but want to wait a little time to make a decision. And also for the local currency itself, as people are afraid of fluctuations and buy bonds in local currencies only for a short time to get additional interest.

24,36,48,60 months for medium-term bonds
These bonds can be issued in more "safe" hard currencies, such as the euro, US dollar for medium-term investments.

Bonds should start at 1.000 USD/EUR (maybe even less), so that normal people can get a little extra interest on modest amounts.

I believe that bonds should have a low maximum limit of 100.000 USD/EUR to allow individuals to reap interest, rather than large financial institutions.
Accrued interest should also not be taxed.

It was also possible to issue perpetual bonds, but with reservations.
Mini-bonds with an ultra-low face value, as was proposed in Italy a few years ago, may also be interesting to evaluate.

I have too little information about this and perpetual bonds, so I would be happy to hear from a finance specialist.

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